Apple season starts now

You will probably not believe me when I tell you this, but it is apple season. How, you say. How can this possibly be so, amid this surfeit of cherries and berries and stone fruits? Well, take some unseasonably early heat waves, some shifting climate norms, and lo! Your apples are showing up before the

Sweeter fruits of fall

Early October brought a spate of recently harvested apples that are named after other fruit. Not as a marketing ploy, because I’m fairly certain farmers in the 19th century weren’t overly concerned with how a product name was performing in the market, but because something about the taste or flavor of these genuinely suggested other fruits. It’s one of the things

The pippins are here!

This is possibly a misleading title. I regret to inform you that a “pippin” is not an official apple variety, per say; instead, it’s a word that’s been incorporated into apple variety names, many of which are not directly related. Why’s that? The New York Times, while raving about the Newtown Pippin (it’s too early in

Apples & honey

It is nearly Rosh Hashanah here (otherwise known as the Jewish New Year), and I’ve been learning more about the holiday, as I get to appreciate new traditions with my fiancé’s family. Jewish holidays get an unfair advantage in winning my heart, because so many of them involve really excellent food. I think I have a

Apples for youthful palates

Heirloom apples for lunch boxes, pre-game snacks, or after-school treats? Yes! These two varieties are my best picks for early-season apples I would offer to a young eater. On the subject of kids and heirloom (or unfamiliar) varieties: Last winter, we made gallons of homemade heirloom apple sauce (to be covered soon!). We busted out one